Counselling & Psychotherapy


What’s the difference?
The terms counselling and psychotherapy are often used interchangeably as they both refer to talking therapy. However, counselling generally refers to short term work to address a specific issue and psychotherapy refers to longer term work which allows for much deeper exploration of your experiences. I offer counselling and psychotherapy, working both short and long term.

What can it help with?
I have worked with a broad range of clients who have been looking to make changes in their lives or have simply needed someone to talk to. Sometimes this is in response to a specific event and sometimes in response to more general feelings of unease or distress, and sometimes both.

The truth is that people can, do and should attend therapy for a whole range of reasons. You may be feeling fed up, depressed, anxious, or stressed; a friend, relative or pet may have died; you may feel traumatised, scared, or isolated. You may be living with an illness, having relationship or family problems, or be lacking confidence. Or, you may not relate to any of these areas, you may not even be sure what help you are looking for, but talking to someone can help. It can help to untangle your thoughts and feelings and identify what’s troubling you and how to take steps to resolve it.